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To install Tango on Linux with GDC, please follow these steps:

  • Compile and install GDC according to these instructions. Be sure to compile GDC for D1. We assume you have GDC installed in /opt (as the GDC instructions suggests)
  • Compile and install Tango:
    export PATH=/opt/usr/local/bin:$PATH
    svn co
    cd trunk
    ./build/script/bob.rb -vu -r gdc -c gdc .
    cp -r tango object.di /opt/usr/local/include/d/4.4.5/
    cp libtango.a /opt/usr/local/lib64/

  • Create a main.d:
    void main()
       Stdout("Hello World.").newline;
  • Compile it to verify that Tango with GDC is working:
    gdc main.d -L/opt/gdc/lib -ltango -ldl