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Here are quick copy&paste instructions to install the newest DMD and Tango:

These instructions install DMD 1.068.
But you can try any higher version.
See the Digitalmars download site.

You have to be root for these instructions.

unzip dmd.1*.zip
mkdir -p /opt/dmd/bin
cp -r dmd/linux/bin64/* /opt/dmd/bin
chmod a+x /opt/dmd/bin/dmd
export PATH=/opt/dmd/bin:$PATH
svn co
cd trunk
./build/bin/linux64/bob -vu -m=64 -r=dmd -c=dmd .
mkdir /opt/dmd/lib
cp libtango.a /opt/dmd/lib/libtango.a
mkdir /opt/dmd/import
cp -r object.di tango /opt/dmd/import/

Change the content of /opt/dmd/bin/dmd.conf to:


DFLAGS=-I%@P%/../import -I%@P%/../import/tango/core/vendor -L-L%@P%/../lib  -version=Tango -defaultlib=tango -debuglib=tango

Create a main.d file:

module main;


void main(char[][] args)
   Stdout("Hello World").newline;

Compile and run it:

dmd main.d
Hello World

Done. :-)


  • Put "export PATH=/opt/dmd/bin:$PATH" into your ~/.bashrc file to have dmd available in every console.
  • "object.d: Error: module object cannot read file 'object.d'" you probably have a conflicting dmd installation. Please remove any dmd binary and dmd.conf from your system
  • You can take zlib and other libs from the Tango bundle and copy it to your /opt/dmd/lib folder.


rm -rf /opt/dmd/