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** April 16th 2009
sed s/addAppender/add/g sed s/(\w+)Appender/Append\1/g

** August 17 2008

addAppender no longer exists.

This worked for me:

//import tango.util.log.Logger; (don't need this one anymore)
import tango.util.log.Log;

add an import;


log = Log.getLogger("Main");

-- Supertard


Please mention that loggers are thread-safe. Vladimir ** The CustomAppender? example is buggy: There is no module tango.util.log.layout

The append function misses the event parameter. TomD **

The above is noted in #1164


The second example of the section "The Root Logger" is wrong, the import path tango.log doesn't exist (the first .log has to be removed to make it compile).