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Ideas for Google Summer of Code

Tango applied for mentoring organization status for the third time in 2009 (however it appears the application didn't come through for some reason). After looking at these criteria, it would in any case be unlikely that Tango was chosen (probably we've performed none of the suggested activities), and so this should be used as a guide if Tango intend to apply later (starting 2010). In fact, as soon as this years projects are over, those interested in GSoC for Tango should start following the advices.

Below some of the project ideas are listed.


The ideas following below are just suggestions and actual project applications will have to be more specific and adjusted to what is likely an overcomable task for a summer. Feel free to suggest others.

  • Garbage collector alternatives
    • Likely to be fairly advanced, even for a not-so-advanced implementation
    • Looking for implementations going beyond mark-and-sweep
  • Projects related to pursuing D and Tango as the basis for a web development platform
  • XSLT support
  • Libraries for other web standards
  • Webdav support in the VFS
  • Compression - Tango has compression support via external libs, but it would be interesting to see if one could see the same efficiency effect with compression as in other technologies implemented in D.
  • Native encryption support - similar reasoning as above
  • Start of multimedia library
  • Process scheduler, tying in with existing threading, to embed into more complex projects that require thread scheduling.
  • Generic XPath API / implementation for Tango, one that could work for XML, JSON and the VFS.
    • XPath is well defined for XML, but less so for the other two
    • Tango XML already has an API resembling the functionality of XPath
    • Such a module was contributed for use with JSON (see #1274)
  • 2D graphics library. Backends for Quartz, Cairo and GDI(+). OpenGL? What does Qt use?


Note that the names below are the likely mentors, depending on project selection etc

  • Kris
  • Fawzi
  • Lars Ivar

Earlier years

Ideas and mentors for the first year is listed below