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FTP Improvements

The original FTP Client did not utilize Tango IO in any way, working directly on Sockets. To get a proper FTP VFS adapter, this needs to change.


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Posted: 03/16/08 10:13:43

I am working on FtpFolder? for vfs. I know how difficult it is to use sockets and you need input/output stream compatible objects for a VfsFile? so you can read and write with a very easy interface. However it is hard to get this working with the current FtpClient?.d being based on Sockets which are not compatible with input/output stream making there be a need for a way to wrap them into a SocketConduit?(refered to as plugging). Now at the moment we aren't willing to have SocketConduit? able to do plugging. But if we see enough use cases we may change. This plugging will make it easier for me to design FtpFolder? and add to FtpClient?. However if there are not enough cases that match mine, meaning I get to be the oddball out, I will have to rewrite FtpClient?.d and get it up to date with SocketConduits?. This means a longer wait time between when you will see FtpFolder?. I have a current solution would rely on plugging. My FtpFolder? is nearly finished but if I have to rewrite FtpClient?.d that means that you won't be able to use FtpFolder? because it is based on something that will never be included in Tango. So to fix that I would rewrite FtpClient?.d from the ground up to use SocketConduits?. That is no easy feat but if noone has need of using SocketConduits? the way I do then this is what I must do to get FtpFolder? included in Tango. So does anyone need to use a SocketConduit? the way I do?

Lester L. Martin II

Posted: 05/15/08 18:05:48

Well, I have redone FtpClient?.d and am through with FTP vfs adapter so my stuff may be invalid now

Lester L. Martin II