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Features By Package

package name [tango.x.y]
core threads, fibers, traits, variant, memory & runtime interface
core.sync atomic, barrier, condition, mutex, semaphore, etc. stacktrace and friends
io path manipulation, file collation, stdout, console, etc.
io.compress compression, zlib, zip
io.device memory I/O, file, serial port, memory-mapped files, temp-files, thread-pipe
io.model interfaces
io.selector poll, epoll, select buffering, text & data serialization, I/O formatting, token parsing, snooping, unicode, etc.
io.vfs virtual file system with css-like selectors. Operates on file-systems, zip, ftp
math bessel, bigint, elliptic, bracket, gamma, ieee, probability, etc.
math.random kiss, twister, ziggurat, etc.
net uri
net.device socket, datagram, local-socket, ssl-socket, multicast, berkeley
net.ftp telnet, ftp
net.http http client, associated modules
net.model interfaces
net.util memcache, pki, etc.
stdc C declarations
stdc.posix posix declarations
sys O/S environment, shared-libs, processes, pipes, home-folder
sys.consts constants
sys.darwin constants
sys.freebsd constants
sys.linux constants, epoll, tipc
sys.solaris constants
sys.win32 constants, codepage, macros, process, types, usergdi, wsasock, etc.
text regex, search, string-class, argument parsing, unicode upper/lower/case, utilities
text.convert various text parsers and formatters, unicode converters
text.json json package
text.locale locale-specific formatting and handling
text.xml xml + xpath package
time clock, wallclock, iso8601, stopwatch, time types
time.chrono calendar support, gregorian, hebrew, hijri, japanese, korean, taiwan, etc.
util to!() converter
util.container circularlist, hashmap, hashset, linkedlist, sortedmap, vector, stack, heap, etc.
util.digest crc32, md5, md4, sha0, sha1, sha256, sha512, tiger, ripemd128->320, etc.
util.encode base64
util.log log4j-style logging, appenders, layout styles, etc.

  • core: threads, fibers, traits, variant, memory and runtime interface, etc.
    • sync: atomic, barrier, condition variable, mutex, semaphore, etc.
    • tools: stacktrace and friends
  • io
    • compress
    • device
    • model
    • selector
    • stream
    • vfs

  • math
    • random
  • net
    • device
    • ftp
    • http
    • model
    • util

  • stdc
    • posix
  • sys
    • consts
    • darwin
    • freebsd
    • linux
    • solaris
    • win32

  • text
    • convert
    • json
    • locale
    • xml

  • time
    • chrono

  • util
    • container
    • digest
    • encode
    • log