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Building the Code Documentation

Documentation for the code is built automatically by the dsource server. A SVN post-commit-hook is used. If any changes fall inside the trunk/tango/, trunk/std/, or trunk/object.d repos items, the docs at will change. 'src' and 'object.d' are only used for compilation during the DDoc processing by DMD.

In the future, when releases are tagged, other docsetups will be created, such that a change to the /tags/1.0.1/ repos path would regenerate docs for docs/1.0.1/

Documentation TODO

  1. make a docs/current/index.html page, potentially collapsible with js/css to replace ApiIndex
  2. figure out a way to add these generated docs to a release zip
  3. create UI in the Admin pages for adding/editing docsetups
  4. find a way to auto-document modules in trunk/lib/common

Administrator Note: This technique is not unique to Tango. A UI is forthcoming that will allow other projects to employ this documentation generator.