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Tango Input and Output

Tango IO offers a suite of functionality for handling typed and typeless streaming data, generic IO end-points, data buffering, type conversion and data filtering. Several of the principal constructs are discussed here, followed by an overview of file-handling.

Console input output
Accessing the console.

Operations on the file system
All operations that request information from the filesystem or do manipulations directly on it.

Conduits and Buffers, the basics
Conduits and Buffers form the basis for the tango IO system. Here you find some in depth information.

While IO in general is typeless, protocols define the way to convert to and from typed data. They do endianess transformation and multibyte data.

Predefined streams for the out of the box use.

Streaming Iterators
Stream iterators extract text from a stream with a given pattern. Here you find iterators for lines, quoted string, ...

Dependency Graphs
General information about this package.