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Comments, critiques and ideas for the Argument handling tutorial

bioinfornatics Jun 26, 2010: this is out to date now use --> tango.text.Arguments

From microm on Feb 7, 2007:

  • please define "response file", eg a response file is a file containing more arguments to be processed.
  • using fileList as a name confused me at first. Perhaps a name like "non_matching_args" would be more self-explanatory.
  • "the argument self is not registered" s/self/itself/
  • saying "multiple repetitions" is redundant.
  • where is "ordinal" incremented?
  • I do not understand the reference to "build". I am new to D.
  • I see "char![]" with an exclamation mark used in the description, but there is no exclamation mark in the actual code where "char" is used. I am confused by this.
  • Users should be aware of another option parsing library:

JJR: Good comments. Thanks for taking the time to submit them. This is the kind of feedback that all document writers need in order to make the Tango material relevant. Perhaps the author of this tutorial will be able to fix this up soon.

jcc7: I first found this page from the page index. It wasn't immediately obvious to me that the page the comments refer to is TutArgParser (of course, it's obvious now), so I think there should be a link to the subject page for a comment page. (I wonder if there's some cool Python script thing that could do that automatically.)

Cyborg16, 31/12/2008: New users should be aware that ArgParser?.d has been partially replaced by Arguments.d (see in the repository).

To Cyborg16: It is not partially replaced really since Arguments haven't been released - but it will be fully replaced by 0.99.8.