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0.99.9 Kai release - Announcement

9th of February, 2010

Dear D community

A new version of Tango is now available for download, named after Kai for his several contributions in this cycle. The main focus of this release has been final cleanup and a lot of bugfixing for the upcoming v1.0 package.

This release has seen 356 tickets resolved, 932 commits, and is current with the latest DMD compiler (v1.056). Some new features include:

  • Safe weak references
  • Arguments module
  • RIPE-MD128, RIPE-MD160 and Whirlpool digests by Kai
  • Vector and Stack containers can now be grown
  • HomeFolder module

For a complete list of changes please see the changelog. We welcome all feedback and are always looking for new participants, so feel free to contact us via the page linked below.

Downloads and their install instructions are found here for DMD and here for LDC.

Contact: Need support, or wish to help? Please see this page.

Home: The Tango homepage is here.


The Tango Team