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0.99.4 Frank release - Announcement

21st of December, 2007

Dear D community

A new version of Tango is now available for download. This release is named after Frank Benoit for his work to fill in much of the missing documentation. The release also holds many notable changes, cleanups and additions to the source:

  • toUtf8 is now toString
  • due to popular demand, tango.util.time moved to tango.time
  • Reorganization of the time package itself, thanks to Steven Schveighoffer
  • Updated for DMD 1.024
  • Destructors are now thread-safe
  • Zip archive for independent use, or for mounting in VFS; courtesy of Daniel Keep
  • Addition of TempFile, also from Daniel Keep
  • Convert module now has default values: to!(type)(value, def). Again, from Daniel

For a complete list of changes please see the changelog. We welcome all feedback and testing.

We are always looking for new participants, so feel free to contact us via the page linked below. In particular, we are looking for someone to help drive the online presence via our Trac pages.

The Tango homepage can be found at


See for more detailed installation instructions for your system.



The Tango Team