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0.99.3 Triller release - Announcement

14th of November, 2007

Dear D community

The most recent version of Tango is now available for download. Named after Peter Triller for his robust Unicode classification & transformation contribution (toUpper, toLower, toTitle, isX, etc), this release contains several other notable additions and improvements:

  • DMD builds no longer generate libphobos.a/phobos.lib, but instead utilize the -defaultlib switch. This enables phobos to install side-by-side with Tango
  • full-featured tango.util.time.ISO8601 from Deewiant
  • tango.text.Unicode, courtesy of Peter Triller
  • new KISS package, exposing various convenience wrappers and filters
  • VFS is functional and awaiting Zip support. Are you interested in writing a webDav or FTP driver?
  • Preserve GC block attributes across reallocations, resolving some issues with void[] resizing
  • Formatting with Layout now works on X86_64, thanks to David Brown
  • Support for DMD 1.023

Also note that there is an experimental D2.0 branch in our repositories now.

For a complete list of changes please see the changelog. We welcome all feedback and testing.

We are always looking for new participants, so feel free to contact us via the page linked below. In particular, we are looking for someone to help drive the online presence via our Trac pages, and for additional VFS adapters.

Tango.Scrapple at DSource is functioning as a place for Tango compatible code, and as a staging ground for future inclusion in Tango.

The Tango homepage can be found at


See for more detailed installation instructions for your system.



The Tango Team

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