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0.99.3 Changelog

The commit log is available here:

Important changes and fixes (see full list here):

  • #660 -defaultlib switch
  • #409 LinkSeq opApply does not expose element index
  • #557 Preserve GC block attributes across reallocations
  • #669 Tango's GC does not release memory to the OS on termination
  • #679 Stdout cannot print large numbers of objects using varargs
  • #680 Need to use std.stdarg for variatic arguments
  • #703 FilePath could use a .dup
  • #731 gdc/gcc/unwind.d don't compile on IA64
  • #565 While using the GDC Tango installer, some file permissions are missing
  • #568 TimeStamp.iso8601 is too limited
  • #641 Unicode Upper and Lower Case Mapping
  • #688 tango.util.ArgParser enhancements
  • #713 Change tango.text.Properties interface to be more consistent
  • #734 FilePath is not threadsafe for posix
  • #711 Compressed size field in io.compress
  • #741 Add constructor to FileFolder to allow creating folder of the same name