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0.99.2 Don release - Announcement

5th of October, 2007

Dear D community

This release is another step towards 1.0, named after Don Clugston for his continous contributions to tango.math and the Elliptic module for this release. This is mostly a bugfix release, but contains a few minor additions.

  • tango.math.Elliptic
  • tango.sys.SharedLib
  • tango.util.log.Trace
  • Logger now supports formatting internally
  • Possibility to register external threads

For a complete list of changes please see the changelog. We welcome all feedback and testing.

We are still looking for participants to all parts of the project, feel free to contact us via the contact page linked below. In particular, we are looking for someone to help drive the online presence via our Trac pages.

Tango.Scrapple at DSource is functioning as a place for Tango compatible code, and a staging ground for future inclusion in Tango.

The Tango homepage can be found at


See for more detailed installation instructions for your system.



The Tango Team

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