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0.98 release - Announcement

15th of May, 2007

Dear D community

This is the second Tango release-candidate, as we gear up toward a 1.0 version. This is mostly a bugfix release, plus some minor additions and reorganizations:

  • Added Signals and Slots implementation
  • Reworked the Time package
  • Updated for DMD 1.014
  • More documentation examples
  • Exception stack-trace example using Flectioned

For a complete list of changes please see the changelog. We welcome all feedback and testing. The currently known issues on non-x86 platforms are compiler related.

Now that the library structure has solidified more we would like to call for further participants on the project, either to discuss future directions or to contribute to the documentation, example code or the web site itself. Please contact us via the link provided below.

The Tango homepage can be found at


See for more detailed installation instructions for your system.



The Tango Team

Tango is a D library providing a cohesive runtime and library for the D programming language. A feature list can be found on