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0.95 beta 1 release - Announcement

Dear D community

The first public release of Tango is now ready for download.

Tango is a D library that provides a runtime for the D programming language, plus many additional library features for the D programmer. Further growth and sharpening of quality is expected for coming releases.

A feature list can be found on

Extensive work has been put into documenting the basic features, and in trying to make usage and installation easy for as many as possible. Platform support will be provided with the help of the users. Win32, Posix x86 and PPC have currently received most testing.

Tango is not yet fully polished, but the last few weeks have seen efforts to solve toolchain problems, cleaning operations, documentation production, an improved website and more. Hopefully you will find it a useful addition to the D world, and feedback will gladly be accepted.

The Tango homepage can be found at


Graphical installer for Windows -

Zip file -

tar.gz file -

See for other alternatives like access to SVN repositories.

See for more detailed installation instructions for your system.



The Tango Team