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Download Tango 0.95.1 beta1

This release is available as source packages and a graphical installer for Windows. The runtime portion of this release requires a DMD v1.004 or GDC v0.21 compatible compiler. See also the Release announcement. The source packages has been updated to fix a few problems in the *nix install scripts.


Installer for DMD, Windows (32-bit)

Installer for GDC, GNU/Linux (32-bit i686)

Via Subversion

As said, Tango can be checked out directly from the developers' Subversion repository. This can be done with a Subversion client of your choice or via the Download as links on the bottom of Trac's browser.

If you're using the original Subversion command line client, the following line is the way to check out:

svn co tango-0.95-beta1

If your compiler doesn't work with this release, try to exchange your lib/ directory in the distribution with one from<CompilerName>/<version>/

As soon as you have finished downloading, please read the Reference Manual for an introduction to Tango and installation instructions.