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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Component
286Add links to the page of the base/derived classassignedpragmaenhancementmajorDocumentation
470Possibility to order the forums in the forums viewassignedpragmaenhancementmajorWeb frontend
471Not able to move topic between forumsnewpragmadefectmajorWeb frontend
735Improved svn authorizationnewbradenhancementmajorWeb frontend
1012e-mail notificationsnewpragmaenhancementmajorWeb frontend
1255Website bottom images are bit misplacednewpragmadefectmajorWeb frontend
334Platform ticket fieldassignedpragmaenhancementnormalWeb frontend
583Forum improvementassignedpragmaenhancementnormalWeb frontend
1080frontpage news list is clipped in IE7newpragmadefectnormalWeb frontend
186download in other format at bottom of each wiki nodenewbraddefectminorWeb frontend
469Customizable links etc on a per-user basisassignedpragmaenhancementminorWeb frontend
472Force wrap source codeassignedpragmadefectminorWeb frontend
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