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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Component
463Unittest fails in tango.math.IEEE using gdcassignedlarsividefectmajorCore Functionality
465Unittest fails in tango.text.convert.Layout using gdcnewlarsividefectmajorTango
467Merge gphobos changes for math functionsreopenedDon ClugstontaskmajorCore Functionality
678Link libdl on linuxreopenedlarsivienhancementmajorTango
1042Improve Layout argv handling with gdcnewlarsividefectmajorCore Functionality
897dsss.conf problem on Windows with svn TangonewlarsividefectnormalCore Functionality
954Tango DSSS net install does not work on Windows XPnewGregordefectnormalPackaging
1646Float module missing from docsassignedlarsividefectnormalDocumentation
1048too stringent tests in tango/math/Probability.d ?assignedDon ClugstondefectminorCore Functionality
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