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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
20News updates on frontpagelarsivienhancementcriticalWeb frontend
149Tango project WebsitepragmataskmajorWeb frontend
161Table of Content macro improvementspragmaenhancementmajorWeb frontend
213Full API page needs a Tango header + footerbraddefectmajorWeb frontend
241Forum move feature brokenpragmadefectmajorWeb frontend
301Don't wikify topic namespragmadefectmajorWeb frontend
328Not able to create new topic in hidden forumpragmadefectmajorWeb frontend
366Cannot view Timeline pagepragmadefectmajorWeb frontend0.95.1
399Upgrade tracforums to rev 69bradenhancementmajorWeb frontend0.96 beta 2
411bad links at top of API index pagebraddefectmajorWeb frontend
412Reference manual says epoch instead of timekrisdefectmajorCore Functionality0.97 RC1
417SVN link incorrectseandefectmajorCore Functionality0.97 RC1
698Page title needs fixbraddefectmajorWeb frontend0.99.2 Don
764Some docs give 404braddefectmajorWeb frontend0.99.3 Triller
346Tracforums revision 62bradenhancementnormalWeb frontend
360Typo on About pagepragmadefectnormalWeb frontend
365Trac detected an internal errorpragmadefectnormalWeb frontend
785Tango LogopragmaenhancementnormalWeb frontend0.99.3 Triller
834display error in OperapragmadefectnormalWeb frontend0.99.3 Triller
835Dead link?larsividefectnormalWeb frontend0.99.4 Frank
836Tango frontpagepragmadefectnormalWeb frontend0.99.4 Frank
838Broken link on front pagelarsividefectnormalDocumentation0.99.4 Frank
1150Online documentation scrolling sluggishly in Firefox 3.0pragmadefectnormalWeb frontend0.99.6 Jeff
329Forums RecentTopics macro - author is same on all postspragmadefectminorWeb frontend0.95 beta 1
350SecuritypragmawishlistminorWeb frontend
468Ticket view seriously broken in #308pragmadefectminorWeb frontend0.97 RC1
655No page for tango.util.log.Trace in API referencebraddefectminorDocumentationtrunk
1105tango.math.IEEE incomplete in API docpragmadefectminorDocumentation0.99.6 Jeff
243Template RSS Link (lower-right corner)braddefecttrivialWeb frontend
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