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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
1334ConstArrayOf template seems missing in tango.core.ArraykeinfarbtondefectcriticalCore FunctionalityD2.0 branch
27Write install programseanenhancementmajorPackaging
1520"*this" in structs is to be "this"schveiguydefectmajorTangoD2.0 branch
1521implicit conversion from uint to char causes warningschveiguydefectmajorTangoD2.0 branch
1533"unbox" Variants in Layout classDRKenhancementmajorTango0.99.7 Dominik
1620Naive: a new GC implementationkrisenhancementmajorCore Functionality0.99.8 Sean
1894FilePath: convenience method to add trailing path separator where appropriatekriswishlistmajorTango0.99.9 Kai
357bidirectional iteratorskrisenhancementnormalCore Functionality
624SocketConduit doesn't play well with non-blocking sockets in writing and connectingkrisenhancementnormalIO0.99.1 RC4 Keep
626MapCollections consider null keys invalidkriswishlistnormalCore Functionality0.99.1 RC4 Keep
690add GetDriveType to FileRootkrisenhancementnormalCore Functionality0.99.2 Don
773tango.util.log.Trace shall have more functions for debugging supportkrisenhancementnormalTango0.99.3 Triller
915tango.text.convert.Layout fails on complex flosting point typeskristasknormalIO0.99.4 Frank
1060println is missingkrisdefectnormalIO0.99.5 Jascha
1083Outputting structs and objects can be done more cleanlykrisenhancementnormalIO
13Online compiler for examples and testingpragmaenhancementminorWeb frontend
1335TODO: tango.core.Array.IsEqual may now assume that == returns boolkeinfarbtontaskminorCore FunctionalityD2.0 branch
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