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Link error with DMD 1.067/Tango 0.99.9

Moderators: kris

Posted: 03/29/11 15:25:35 Modified: 03/29/11 15:26:43


I've installed DMD 1.067 (from the digitalmars site) and the Tango bundle from here, and I keep getting linker errors (underscore underscore d underscore arrayliteralTX in the Gregorian time module). Does anybody know how to solve this?


Author Message

Posted: 03/29/11 16:52:14

With 1.066 it works. Guys, seriously ... I'm using D1/Tango and I'm starting to seriously regret having started with D. Now Walter puts out new compiler versions and breaks Tango just like that? And no one has stumbled upon this in over a month? Am I the only person even using this anymore?

Posted: 03/29/11 19:52:07

Hi mike,

the issue is known (and yes, Walter likes to break compatibility ever so often).

I think it is more or less fixed in svn, but a new release of Tango is somewhat off yet.

Posted: 03/30/11 01:40:53

It would be a good idea to put this information somewhere (or if it exists somewhere make it prominent). Right now it says "download the latest version of DMD". I mean ... I was willing to invest a couple of hours to figure this out, because I have 20 kloc of D code here, but I imagine a beginner to just run away without looking back. The situation is complicated enough with D1, D2, Phobos and Tango, it's a real accomplishment to get a hello world going, now we have the situation where you install a build environment step by step exactly as described here and you end up with undocumented linker errors that don't show up in Google or anywhere else.

If this sounds bitter then it is because I am a bit. At least this exercise today solves most of those damn forward reference bugs I kept running into twice a week. I knew why I didn't want to install a new DMD version for so long, because it's so much trouble to change a working D build environment, but anyway ... now it's done and it works perf... oh, no. There's the next DMD mystery: the executable is now 4.5x the size it was before! You know, it was just too good to be true. Maybe it's seriously time to switch to GDC or something. I don't know.

Anyway, a simple page where you list DMD versions with a small remark ("works", "fails", "works with svn" maybe) would be great. It doesn't need to be comprehensive, if you list the last two versions it would be enough. And I think from there on it wouldn't be too hard to update it whenever Walter releases a new DMD version.

Posted: 03/30/11 08:55:55

I'm sorry for your trouble, mike, but I have to say - I used to keep such a list once upon a time (you'll most likely find the remnant somewhere in the wiki), but it is a task you tire of, you know? Neverending story so to speak. I've been with Tango since the inception in 2006, and D since 2003, and honestly the situation didn't improve a whole lot over those years.

But yes, I'll try to get a message on the frontpage about the situation with recent DMD's.

Posted: 03/30/11 09:07:02

I am working on a patch for this issue (and some others) at

I haven't integrated it in the svn yet because I want it to pass all unit tests (and had no time to work on it further yet) and because kris and/or larsivi should have a look at it before I commit it.

You could try this patch applied to the current svn and report any problems in the linked issue/thread :)

Posted: 03/30/11 12:02:46

Yeah, I can certainly empathize. Problems like this one keep coming up constantly. Anyway ... enough complaining from me. It's easy to forget all the things that work nicely.

And it's good to know that there are bugfixes in the pipeline. To be honest I was wondering if you guys are still working on Tango after all; I mean ... this place is awfully quiet and I could understand it if your motivation was low; things haven't exactly been easy. So I'm happy to hear that there's work going on.

If you want to check out what I'm using Tango for: I'm building a media player, and I have some alpha releases available here ->


Posted: 03/30/11 13:19:09

Well, apart from the recent dmd API changes, tango is pretty stable and doesn't require much maintance. People might not have noticed it because many don't use dmd as their primary compiler.

Pretty cool to see a player written in D :)

If you plan to try my patch: I couldn't test my patch in windows, so you might find some problems, if so, please tell me about them

Posted: 03/30/11 13:35:26

Boxen looks nice, maybe at it to TangoUsers ?

Posted: 03/30/11 17:32:01

@Marenz: Hmm ... there's actually a whole lot going on in Tango :) I really should start paying attention to bug tracking tools. Anyway, I'll be glad to see if your patch helps, I hope you can wait a few days, I'm kind of in the middle of some big changes in boxen.

@larsivi: Great! I've added a new category (Freeware), hope that's ok.