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No HINSTANCE in win32.types

Moderators: larsivi kris

Posted: 02/02/07 16:16:02

Hi, thank you for this great library, though I couldn't test very much of it yet. But one thing I tried was using the tango win32 package instead of the one of the bindings project. But at first there wasn't a module as described in the Docs, then I imported every package manually from the tango.sys.win32 package, but there isn't an alias for HINSTANCE only HINST. And when I import UserGdi? I get this error: module tango.sys.win32.UserGdi? is in multiple packages tango.sys.win32.UserGdi?

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Posted: 02/03/07 01:02:14

Tut tut. That's a oversight on our part. For now, it's probably good to alias your own HINSTANCE?

As for the error message, I've seen that happen if the import name isn't quite right. Using all lowercase for example? Sure hope that's what the problem is :)