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Merge cluster into tango ?

Moderators: kris

Posted: 12/30/10 03:08:04

Why split cluster from tango ? I want use cluster on new version tango 0.99.9 ,but I couldn't compile mango trunk with tango trunk and ldc , when I use ldc-0.9.1-x86_64 compile cluster example of cacheserver,it run on RHEL5 normal,but run on RHEL6 and Fedora14 throw Segmentation fault. I want to known,which version mango and tango with cluster is compiled. Future ,can you merge cluster into new tango version ? Because tango's cluster feature is very important for me !

Author Message

Posted: 12/31/10 05:42:25

Mango ought to compile (and run) just fine with the most recent version of Tango. The reason it's not part of Tango is twofold: cluster is server oriented, which is something we felt should be avoided in Tango as a general-purpose library. Secondly, it should be implemented using async-IO rather than threads+blocking IO ... personally I find the latter more important than the former.

Glad to hear someone is using cluster, and it would be great if you could track down the issue with RHEL6 :)