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Tango vs D2

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Posted: 11/17/10 10:35:01

An honest question to the Tango developers. Do you think that Tango will outlive D1? Do you like D2 and do you intend to switch to D2? I don't see the need of D2, I like D1, but D1 will obviously not live forever and even if it does it is of no use for few people to keep it alive when the community efforts are placed on D2. So there is a need of change. I'm a Tango user and I'm concerned about the future of my projects so I'm considering different options. Regards, bobef

Author Message

Posted: 11/18/10 04:40:04

I think migrating Tango to D2 is a great idea, and should probably be a community-driven exercise? I understand a considerable portion of that effort has occurred recently