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D language lecture

Posted: 10/27/10 17:05:08


I'm currently preparing a small lecture about D language at my university and there's planned some talk about Tango, too. First of all, I'd appreciate some help on collecting materials, about the library, especially: what are the current development goals, plans for the future etc. and with preparing small benchmarks (Tango + LDC/GDC/DMD vs. C++/GCC).

If you would like to get some information about the lecture, it is planned to take place at AGH University Of Science and Technology in Kraków, Poland on November 16, 2010 as a part of BIWAK lecture series organized by computer science students. We also plan to provide an Internet live video transmission. The lecture will be given in Polish, but if there will be enough interest, it is no problem for me to switch to English.

Author Message

Posted: 10/27/10 21:07:02

This sounds like fun :) I presume that you have seen the videos from the conference in Torun in 2008?

I think the goals are somewhat unclear, beyond making a stable version 1.0. This does involve quite some fixes, such as to the Regex module (it will most likely be replaced by something).

Tango's development has (as an open source project) always been driven by the needs of the users, and time available to the developers. As the time factor has become a major issue for central people, development has slowed down. There is some hope to improve that soonish though.

In any case, Tango is a very performant library with relatively few bugs, and should be well worth the talk :)

Posted: 10/27/10 21:45:31

Umm, no, I haven't. I heard about some Tango conference, but I didn't even know it took place in my country :) maybe because I had a short break from D that year due to some other projects. Anyway, thanks for the information, I'll look for some videos and watch them.

Going back to Tango... yes, I know that some strange things happen to the Regex module, and some less frequently used modules still need some improvements or optimizations, but from what I used Tango, it is actually one of the most complete open-source projects concerning D. Anyway, although the lack of predictable release cycle hurts a little, I understand the time limitations, because I'm an open-source programmer, too (but in completely different activity area) and I deal with exactly the same problems :).

PS. I'll try to find some time to help a bit in Tango development next year. Unfortunately now I am busy with other projects, so the best I can give now to the D community is a lecture that will maybe make some new people get interested in D.