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Do we need to bring back underlines for links in the wiki?

Moderators: kris

Posted: 04/14/07 18:28:33

Is it just me, or are the links hard to see in the wiki pages? I don't notice them until I start hovering over each separate word in the text. It could be just me, since I do suffer from colorblindness. Not just the kind of colorblindness where I'm not a racist (and I'm not a racist), but actual physiological colorblindness ("Partially or totally unable to distinguish certain colors"). But I just noticed that larsivi changed a page to "[make] some links more noticable". I don't disagree with the goal, I just think it might be too narrow of a scope in the solution.

I think we need to adjust Tango's CSS to make all the links more prominent. Links are what makes the web the web. If we didn't have links, we might as well just publish a bunch of disconnected PDF's. We shouldn't be ashamed that our pages have links -- we should be proud!

Back in the ancient times of the World Wide Web (way before blogs, myspace, and even CSS), hyperlinks (now often known simply as "links") were always underlined. The underlines weren't even dotted or dashed. They were solid lines. This made it easy to see them. But now CSS allows us to hide links so that only those with the highest powers of perception can tell that they're there.

We don't have to go back to the time of the solid line underneath the text, but I think we at least need some sort of line (maybe dotted or dashed or very gray) or perhaps even a box (with or without an outline) to highlight that a link is a present.

What do members of the Tango team think?

Author Message

Posted: 04/14/07 18:58:26

I don't disagree entirely (although I like the current style), because I see that the links can be hard to see sometimes. What I'd like was a way control this, possibly similarly to the way mediawiki does it (through the profile), but then that wouldn't work very well for new users stopping by, and who don't have a login on dsource. If it can be handled by a cookie for non-logged in people, it may be worth a try though.