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[FIXED] linking problem with BzipStream

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Posted: 03/18/10 16:48:34 Modified: 03/31/10 18:03:42


I'm trying to decompress some data, but I have some linking errors. Do I need to manually link any library ?

sorry for my english

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Posted: 03/18/10 20:00:30

on windows you've gotta get the zip library and have it compiled with the dmc compiler. There's a few of those pre-built, but I can't think where offhand

Posted: 03/19/10 09:55:40

I'm on linux and I try to compile bzip2 from the source, but I get the bzip2 executable and not the library ".lib"

Posted: 03/19/10 10:32:47

If you are on linux then I guess you would already have bzip2 on your system. You can link to bzip2 by adding the flag -L-lbz2, you might need to also add the -L-lz flag.

Posted: 03/30/10 18:22:25

On windows, If a try to link with zlib.lib (pragma or -L-l) (downloaded from gnuwin32): I can't run my executable.

It's the same for bzip and zlib

Posted: 03/31/10 01:25:16

On Windows, you cannot use the gnuwin32 .lib files. These are COFF static libraries and DMD requires OMF static libraries. Generally speaking, unless a download is specifically for DMD, you should assume that .lib files you get for Windows won't work.

There are some DMD-compatible static libraries attached to

Posted: 03/31/10 18:03:23

Yes, It works now Tanks you.