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fastCGI4D compiling is failing with Error: identifier 'Handle' is not defined

Moderators: kris

Posted: 01/05/10 05:04:44


I am going to try to start using FastCGI4D for a project and I am willing to debug it, but I am finding myself in trouble. I am trying compile the SimpleLoop?.d example that comes with the zip file. I have installed tango and I was able to build this tango sample program [code]import;

void main() {

Stdout("Don't Worry, Be Happy!").newline;


and I was able to run it, so I know Tango is installed correctly. When I try to compile the SimpleLoop?.d program, I get these errors: [quote]23:55:46.92>build -I..;G:\D\dmd\import SimpleLoop?.d warning - io.Buffer functionality has been split into and io.device.Array - use the former for discrete streams, and the latter for combined I/O G:\source\d\fcgi\Conduit.d(113): Error: identifier 'Handle' is not defined G:\source\d\fcgi\Conduit.d(113): Error: Handle is used as a type G:\source\d\fcgi\InternalConduit?.d(67): Error: identifier 'Handle' is not defined G:\source\d\fcgi\InternalConduit?.d(67): Error: Handle is used as a type /quote

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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Posted: 01/05/10 17:42:39

Finding out exactly how to fix the Buffer warning may take some time, depending a bit on the actual use.

As for the Handle compile error, that seems to something specific to FastCGI4D - I may look into it later though.

Posted: 01/05/10 21:53:03

that would be great...