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Tango with the new GDC

Moderators: kris

Posted: 12/29/09 22:11:45 Modified: 12/30/09 07:35:30

I tried building Tango trunk a while ago, and it actually built surprisingly well, with only one small error I was able to fix. So I installed the tango library and proceeded to test if tango was really working. So in hello.d:

void main(){ Stdout("Hello {}!","World").newline; }

I don't know why, but I had to manually add object.d to the command line otherwise I would get missing symbols. I never used to have to include object.d so I'm not quite sure why this was neccessary. To simplify, I put an object file of object.d into the current directory.

tests% gdc -o hello hello.d object.o -lgtango -lgphobos
ld: duplicate symbol __D6object9Interface6__initZ in /usr/local/lib/libgphobos.a(object.o) and object.o
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status

I'm not sure if this problem is an issue with gdc or a problem with Tango. Any ideas on how to fix this?

FYI, gdc is currently at dmd 1.043 from here:

Author Message

Posted: 01/13/10 08:36:53

The import issue sounds like the default -I was not pointing to the appropriate place (where the tango object.di resides) ?