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[FIXED] Error with Layout.d at line 664

Moderators: kris

Posted: 12/29/09 14:20:49 Modified: 12/29/09 14:38:36

I have some dificulies to install dmd/dsss/tango(trunk) + derelict/minid so maybe my install is buged. Anyway: when I use the module text.convert.layout I receive the error: tango/text/convert/Layout.d(664): Error: expected 0 arguments, not 1 I try some jedi ticks but I obtain other errors.

I'm using: DMD1.041, Ubuntu Karmic, Tango r5276 (29dec9) Do I need to report a ticket?

The tango trunk version r5276 is different than the version in the trac browser (r5249). I simply copy/paste the section about "TypeCode?.STRUCT" and it's work.

Sorry for my english.

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