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Redirected stdin does not work under windows?

Moderators: kris

Posted: 12/02/09 00:35:48 Modified: 12/02/09 00:38:37

The following test works fine if run directly and a line entered at the console. But if trying to feed it stdin by other means, such as piped from another program, it throws an exception. Am I misunderstanding what I should be using for this or in some other way messing this up? It does seem to work as expected under linux.

Throws "tango.core.Exception.IOException: <console> :: The parameter is incorrect." if executed with "cat cintest.d | cintest". Tested with svn rev 5252, dmd 1.052.



void main(char[][] args)
    char[] buf;
Author Message

Posted: 12/02/09 01:44:27

hrm, which version of windows?

Posted: 12/02/09 02:15:23

see ticket #1807 ... thanks :)

Posted: 12/02/09 03:40:01

Ahh, thanks much.