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Understanding PullParser and XmlText.attributeName

Posted: 11/23/09 20:59:15

I am trying to understand the use of the char[64] for PullParser?.XmlText?.name and the other char[64] for PullParser?.XmlText?.attributeName. It is used by the PullParser? to ask[*p] and text.attributeName[*p].

I don't know D and I don't have a compiler installed. Is *p in[*p] passed to the array as a char or an int? If it is an int, then I suppose these arrays are some sort of map of valid and invalid ASCII codes that can be contained in an element name or attribute name? Being as ASCII 65 is 'A' I believe I have just answered my own question, but I will leave this question here and ask that the answer maybe go into the comments in the XmlText? struct. If my line of thinking is correct, then why is the first character outside of this check '@'? Can '@' be in an attribute name? Also, why do characters in the name map such as '=' and '<' seem to be marked as 1 or valid?


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