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Unlinking phobos error

Moderators: larsivi kris

Posted: 11/13/09 04:23:24

I've successfully built "Hello world" using tango, however as soon as I attempt to add a class to my module I receive an error: drtp.d(7): Error: class drtp.DRTPPacket D compiler and phobos' object.d are mismatched

What is this?

my dmd sc.ini file is below [Version] version=7.51 Build 020

[Environment] LIB="%@P%\..\lib";\dm\lib DFLAGS="-IE:\dev\tango\import" -version=Tango -defaultlib=tango-base-dmd -debuglib=tango-base-dmd -L+tango-user-dmd.lib LINKCMD=%@P%\link.exe This builds fine until I add a class DRTPPacket() { this {} } module drtp;


void main() {

Stdout("Don't Worry, Be Happy!").newline;


Rob Adelberg

Author Message

Posted: 11/14/09 11:30:58

This is probably due to a misconfiguration, or the wrong DMD compiler version for the Tango you have installed. The Phobos part of the message is just the compiler being silly, since the error could be due to an old Tango object.di (0.99.8) with a newer than 1.045 DMD.