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Is Json demo broken?

Moderators: larsivi kris

Posted: 10/19/09 06:47:12

Hi All,

I tried to compile the demo code from Json.d, but compiler (dmd 1.043 + Tango 0.99.8) says NO.

        auto p = new Json!(char);
        auto v = p.parse (`{"t": true, "f":false, "n":null, "hi":["world", "big", 123, [4, 5, ["foo"]]]}`);       

Console output:

warning - /home/d/tango/dmd/include/tango/text/json/JsonParser.d(156): Error: no return at end of function
/home/d/tango/dmd/include/tango/text/json/Json.d(35): Error: template instance tango.text.json.Json.Json!(char) error instantiating

Is it my problem or tango problem?

Best regards

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Author Message

Posted: 10/19/09 07:10:31

Ok, I checked out the svn version of JsonParser?, this problem disappears.

blog: stanleyxu's area51 proj: gosurf browser