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Compile error with dmd148

Moderators: kris

Posted: 10/09/09 11:51:08


I am using the Tango trunk rev. 4968 and updated to dmd148 on Windows.

I noticed the following compile error:

..\user\tango\text\Regex.d(1427): Error: function tango.text.Regex.Pair!(uint).Pair.opCall (uint,uint) does not match parameter types (Pair!(uint))
..\user\tango\text\Regex.d(1427): Error: cannot implicitly convert expression (occurStack.pop()) of type Pair!(uint) to uint

I am unsure if this is a Tango issue or a dmd issue. Nevertheless, the fix is to add parenthesis at the end of lines 1427 and 1431:

                            Pair!(uint) occur = occurStack.pop();

Author Message

Posted: 10/09/09 12:00:24

This appears to be a regression in DMD, so I suggest not using this revision.