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Build Tango trunk with DMD 1.047 on Windows?

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Posted: 09/09/09 13:00:12 Modified: 09/09/09 13:00:29

Well, I downloaded the trunk 4931 revision to my hard disk, entered to subfolder 'build' and typed: build-dmd. It seems it worked. Then I typed build-tango and:

dmd -c -inline -release -O -I..\user -ofuser-tango-core-Array.obj ../user/tango/
Could not create process for dmd : The parameter is incorrect.

Calling build-tango-app.exe gives identical result.

I wanted also to try DSSS. I have gone to the tango/user path and typed: dsss build. Result:

[here i did a cut of many things]
tango\stdc => DD-tango-stdc
tango\stdc\constants\linux\fcntl.d(2): module config cannot read file 'tango\std
Command E:\programming\DCIDE\DSSS\bin\rebuild.exe returned with code 1, aborting
Error: Command failed, aborting.

What should I do?

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Posted: 09/09/09 15:03:47

The current build-tango-app.exe does not work under vista.

See ticket #1717

If you have a working tango installation you can download build_tango.2.d from there (the ticket) and build that as build-tango-app.exe.

Posted: 09/09/09 21:31:44

Thanks, it works now. But there's next thing: build-win32.bat doesn't exist. I tried to do:

make -fdmd-win32.mak lib

but it didn't make tango-win32-dmd.lib

Posted: 09/10/09 09:54:05

I don't think you need tango-win32-dmd.lib anymore. I did


and all my tango based examples work.

Posted: 09/11/09 20:48:17

I noticed the same thing (Derelict works). Thank you for your help :)