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HttpClient weird behaviour

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Posted: 08/12/09 19:32:36

I'm using the HttpClient? to fetch a lot of websites from different domains (approx 130'000 in the test case). The problem happens when using HttpClient? in combination with threads (approx. 50). Between 10'000 and 20'000 requests I get a "unable to resolve <domain name>" for the rest of the domains. I tried to figure out where the error comes from. So far I could track it down to the openFinish method within HttpClient? class. I wrote a little test program that creates the threads and opens the URL, without reading the content:

auto client = new HttpClient(HttpClient.Get, addr);
auto response =;              

This code worked fine so far when all the functionality from openFinish was removed. Does anybody have an idea, where I should look? I'm not sure, but it seems to be a problem with the line iterator.

ciao Lars

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Posted: 08/13/09 18:10:04 -- Modified: 08/13/09 18:11:20 by

The problem seems to be, that too many connections stay open after the program is running. I'm guessing that some sockets are not properly closed in case of an exception. I will look further I try to pin down the problem..


Posted: 08/14/09 11:13:04

I just issued a ticket..