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SaxParser ticket #1276 not really fixed?

Moderators: kris

Posted: 07/29/09 00:05:59 Modified: 07/29/09 00:06:53

Ticket #1276 (Sax parser segfaults when using .parse(contents)) says that it was fixed with a commit back in january (about two months before 0.99.8 was released), but it doesn't seem to be fixed for me in 0.99.8 (although the workaround still works). Was the fixed delayed for 9.99.9, or accidentally removed, or did it regress...?

Also, and I'm probably just loosing my mind on this, but at one point I accidentally tried to pass a object to parse, and it successfully compiled (and gave me the same segfault as in #1276) even though parse doesn't appear to actually have a compatible overload?:

auto xml = new File(args[1]); // I meant char[] and File.get(), but still compiles?!
auto parser = new SaxParser!(char)();
auto handler = new MySaxHandler();
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Posted: 08/04/09 11:26:15

The fix you refer to was part of the last release, and has not been removed from trunk, so if you see a problem, it is most likely a (at least somewhat) different bug. Please create a ticket.