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Tango 0.99.8 with DMD 1.045?

Moderators: larsivi kris

Posted: 07/05/09 04:50:53

Has anyone tried using DMD 1.045 (or 1.044) with Tango (0.99.8) and ended up getting errors about "Object.d not compatible with this version of DMD" or something to that effect?

It may very well have just been something I screwed up when updating Tango 0.99.8/DMD 1.043 to DMD 1.045 on my system, as I wasn't paying very close attention this time around. But I thought I'd check if there was something more to it. Like maybe DMD 1.045 requires certain changes in object as compared to 1.043, and maybe those changes are only in Tango trunk or something?

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Posted: 07/05/09 15:23:22

DMD 1.044/45 did indeed have breaking changes such that those versions are not compatible with Tango 0.99.8. Tango trunk is however, and will most likely _not_ be compatible with earlier versions of DMD.

Posted: 07/08/09 20:04:12

Is that so? How about that "static if (VERSION >= 1045)" in object.di? :)