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Cluster Message question

Moderators: larsivi kris

Posted: 05/12/09 19:33:52

We've tried to get the examples from Clusters reference page running. We can send and retrieve messages with the NetworkQueue? class. but it is still somehow a bit unclear, how to access the properties (e.g. the data) of the message in the client.

In the example:

void main ()
        // join the cluster 
        auto cluster = (new Cluster).join;

        // access a queue of the specified name
        auto queue = new NetworkQueue (cluster, "");

        // stuff something into the queue
        queue.put (queue.EmptyMessage);

        // retrieve it synchronously
        auto msg = queue.get;

it seems that msg is assigned an instance of a message, but we have not been able to access any properties of msg, that we have defined. However it is possible to access the data from the static interface of the defined message. Is this the correct way to access the data? Does it mean that the retrieved message is being mapped to the static interface? I still have problems to explain how it's working. We have posted a working version for a client in the UserComment of the wiki page.

Any clarification would be helpful. thanks.


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