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query parameter in

Moderators: kris

Posted: 05/10/09 13:22:59 Modified: 05/10/09 13:23:51

Hi all,

I've just used the HttpPost? class and was wondering, if there is a reason why the query parameter (eg. ?param1=value1&param2=value2) are stripped to from the URI in case of an HTTP POST command?

I know that this rarely used and quite uncommon, but I couldn't find anything in RFC 2616 that explicitly states that query parameter are not allowed in the URI of a post command.

I adapted the HttpClient? code to accept the whole POST command URI and can provide a patch, if necessary and wished?

ciao Lars

Author Message

Posted: 05/10/09 16:19:29

Please create a ticket with the patch, and we'll take it from there (otherwise the issue (or non-issue)) is likely to get lost.

Posted: 05/10/09 18:17:35

I had thought the query params for a POST were sent in the body instead? Upon reflection, that is probably (thoroughly) wrong :)