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Does tango work well with phobos?

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Posted: 05/02/09 08:06:11

Can I use these two libs in the same project?

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Posted: 05/02/09 09:23:39

Tangobos integrates phobos with Tango. Not sure if the current version is up-to-date

Posted: 05/02/09 10:07:12

thx,I'll take a look into it.

Posted: 05/03/09 09:12:48

Why tango and phobos can't work well with each other seamlessly? does tango "hack" something in std, or because of the standard itself is not stable? I'm a mmorpg developer, and I hope one day I could develop mmo in D. Tango is wonderful, it may help me save plenty time by encapsulating epoll,socket, and other utils. But I'm not sure how many barriers in the way....

Posted: 05/03/09 09:22:43

For the record, it was joecoder doing some work on Tangobos :)

As for why they don't work together; it is a runtime issue, the stuff that is hidden below std/* and tango/*. In Tango it is different to support more advanced stuff such as fibers, and there were also other things improved that made things subtly incompatible. As shown with Tangobos, it was more a case of the Phobos runtime not being able to support Tango, rather than anything else.

Posted: 05/04/09 12:33:54

I'll try to write some demo with tango :) D is the most elegant programming language I've seen. How about D 2.0? Will it be painful to migrate the code in 1.0 and with tango to 2.0?

Posted: 05/04/09 18:47:26

D 2.0 is quite different in many respects, and 1 and 2 are definately not entirely compatible, so it will probably be some work. Tango doesn't support D 2.0 yet though (because it is a lot of working porting Tango too).