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overlapping vfs mounts

Moderators: kris

Posted: 04/26/09 10:36:11

Heya, in my use case for VFS there's a game in which several datafile locations are possible. They're determined in the order: 1: directory passed with --datafiles 2: working directory 3: $HOME/.game 4: installation directory

Now if the installation directory is /foo and the directory passed with --datafiles is /foo/bar I'll receive a tango error on mounting those FileFolders? since they do overlap. Now this is really something I do not want to restrict. My current chance is to mount them all before doing a vfs.file("test") and catch an exception, then try the next one so overlapping won't become an issue. Is there any better solution to this or am I on the wrong track by wishing overlapping mounts to work? Thanks for reading.

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Posted: 04/27/09 15:32:45

I think that what you ask at least should be possible with linked folders, but it isn't a priority task for us at the moment. It would be helpful if you could create an enhancement ticket for it - and if you want - look at how it could be done yourself :)