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Bug in JSON parser?

Moderators: kris

Posted: 04/17/09 18:51:02

I'm not an expert on JSON, but looking at the specs at it seems that the following should be valid:

"dada": -1

But that gives the following exception when parsed:

object.Exception: Expected " before member name

Putting quotes around the -1 "fixes" it.

Anyone more knowledgeable have any comments?

Author Message

Posted: 04/17/09 19:11:59

Maybe try jsonlint (or what it is called) ?

Posted: 04/17/09 20:13:55

Yes, it says it's valid, so that makes it a bug in the parser.

Submitted a ticket. (#1604)

Posted: 04/18/09 00:40:44

I think this was fixed the other day (in trunk)