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Reference manual : translation to frnech ?

Posted: 04/06/09 19:51:18


There's some possibility to organize the translation of to french.

I think particulary to this site : This community have ever done the transalation of "Thinking in Java", and "Thinking in C++" is in progress (

What do you think about this idea ?

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Posted: 04/06/09 21:50:16

Considering we have some troubles keeping the docs them selves up to date, would it be possible to actually keep translations in sync? If yes, sure, why not. If someone wants to contribute this, go ahead. Someone like you would have to organize it though.

The very old ticket #30 is also of relevance, maybe mostly from a technical view point though.

Posted: 04/07/09 20:22:56

Don't know a thing about Trac to have a technical expertise.
But if there's tools to maintain easily and efficiently the translation in synchronization with the original, the work can be start.

Posted: 04/07/09 21:30:52

I really don't think Trac has any functionality to help with keeping this organized, unless there exist plugins (not currently installed) that would. There is fairly little functionality at the moment to control the wiki, and as such it would have to be done manually.

It would probably be good to identify what is necessary?

Posted: 04/08/09 20:31:15

The first thing is off course to take a "snapshot" and translate from it.

After, to maintain documentations up to date, IMHO, a workflow of "to translate","translation in progress by {someone}","to rereading","rereading in progress by {other-one}","to publish" and "published".

But, in fact, in "", a topic is create on a forum for each chapter to translate. Someone reply to take the translation, reply to indicate the translation is done and wait for a rereading. Same for the rereader.

Posted: 05/12/09 09:16:04

I do not yet have find some time to starting the translation (I'm searching for a new job...)
I hope to be able to start soon...