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New API docs up and running!

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Posted: 03/31/09 20:10:15

We've had new API docs running for the latest 0.99.8 release, but those have been further improved and we now also have docs generated (using dil instead of dmd) from trunk too.

The API docs for the latest stable release will always be available at (as a symlink to the docs for the version in question), whereas the docs generated from trunk will be available at as before.

If you want to help out with improving the docs further, there are two paths. One is to create patches against the scripts in Tango's source repository, inside doc/dil/, the other is to improve the doc generating skills of dil over at . Major thanks to Aziz for writing dil, to Moritz for helping out with the initial adaption and Brad for setting up the processes at dsource.

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