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Posted: 03/30/09 13:01:00

Hi, I decided to create an appropriate avatar, since I will do some posting for help. This is a 15th century brain surgeon. The funnel on the head indicates he is not very clever. :)
I'm not to successful with my first attempt to code D/Tango and I realise a debugger would be something to have. Are there debugging tools and/or debugging techniques described somewhere. I could use a step-by-step debugger both in Windows and Linux.

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Posted: 03/30/09 17:02:52

Hi Lasse :)

We appreciate the interest! Maybe this info helps?

PS Are you Norwegian or otherwise from Scandinavia?

Posted: 03/30/09 19:09:59

Hi, thanks a lot I have a go at it later this week. These days I only use PHP, which is a bit limited if you want to do parallel and network processing. I hope D is a good choice. At the office my boss want me to pick up SAP ABAP and I'm also interested in Erlang which I tried but the syntax was so different from what I knew so I backed off from it.

I'm a swede but I used to work for a Norwegian company Teamco in Holland and USA as a software engineer.