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Preparing for the next release

(Locked) Moderators: sean kris larsivi

Posted: 03/05/09 16:12:55

We have now started preparations for the next release. Due to many reasons, most of which are related to time missing from the space time continuum, this release has been absurdly delayed.

The time has in many fashions been well spent though, very many tickets have been closed, even more commits made and new features added.

The most important facet of this release will be the final restructuring of the IO system though. It should now be more streamlined and easier to use than ever before, and with even more possibilities.

The most recent fixes that have been committed are support for DMD on Mac and Open Solaris support. Going along with the latter is the previously added support for the LDC compiler.

As we prepare for tagging the 0.99.8 release in a few days, we would appreciate that you test the latest trunk.

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