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directly modifying a line in a file

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Posted: 02/21/09 16:10:34

Is there a function in Tango to jump to a specific line in a text file and modify it? I mean I can go through the text file with the LineIterator? but afaik I can't directly modify it.

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Posted: 02/22/09 05:47:04

no, not specifically, since there's usually some adjustment required in order to move the rest of the file content. You could always write each line out to a new file, replace or remove the line of interest, and then write out any remaining lines

Posted: 02/22/09 06:00:11 -- Modified: 02/22/09 16:17:11 by

edit: here it is

void ModifyLine(char[] fileName, int lineNumber, char[] string, char[] lineDelimiter = "\n")
	auto file = new File (fileName);
	auto lines = splitLines (cast(char[]);
	lines[lineNumber-1] = string;

	foreach (line; lines)
		file.append(cast(char[])line ~ lineDelimiter);